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Sculptural Metal Studio – Certificate

Program Details

Length: 10 months

Total Credits: 49

Intake Terms: Fall

Campus: Victoria Street

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Credential Received

Certificate in Sculptural Metal Studio


Program Summary

Learn blacksmithing, welding and metal casting techniques to manipulate, form and join steel for both form and function.

Focusing on exploring your personal expression in metal, we give you the necessary discipline and skills to be able to venture into the global metal marketplace. With an emphasis on developing proper technique and using appropriate tools safely, you will learn how to design, sculpt, mold and cast in bronze using sand and lost wax casting methods.

Plus, you will get hands-on practice in studio production, casting sculptural forms and pouring molten metal as you design, create and develop molds and patterns for casting in our foundry room. You will gain the control and confidence to produce traditional and contemporary ironwork and reach a level appropriate for a blacksmith apprentice. Produce work in non-ferrous metals through a variety of studio and foundry demonstrations, discussions, field trips, exercises and self-directed studio time. You will gain valuable skills in tool construction and safety, making rubber molds, wax chasing, metal finishing, developing presentations, hand skills, hand-eye coordination, understand the movement of mass and sharpen your creative problem solving techniques.

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting the general entrance requirements for admission to Selkirk College, an applicant must meet the following Kootenay Studio Arts programming (KSA) entrance requirements.

Additional Requirements

  • Questionnaire

    All applicants must complete and submit a questionnaire at least one week prior to their scheduled interview date. The questionnaire helps us to understand the applicant’s interest and commitment to the studio program. Submit the questionnaire and portfolio using the Kootenay Studio Arts online form.

  • Interview

    All applicants are required to participate in an interview with a program instructor from the Kootenay School of the Arts program. Telephone interviews will be arranged for those applicants who, because of distance, cannot attend in person.

    The interview is an opportunity for applicants to introduce themselves, present their work and discuss their interests within the arts. The instructor will assess the applicant’s preparedness for entry into the program and will ask about commitment, goals and expectations, design knowledge, experience and communication skills. It is also an opportunity for applicants to ask any questions they might have about the program and for faculty to recommend upgrading if necessary.

  • Portfolios

    The portfolio is designed to assess your skill level to help instructors increase your chances of success in your studio program. KSA is looking for a demonstration of visual awareness, creativity and technical skill. The portfolio pieces may be of any medium and they need not be specific to studio preference.

    For portfolio guidelines see our website http:// selkirk.ca/program/sculptural-metal/admission- requirements or see Kootenay Studio Arts program policy – Appendix F.

Graduation and Promotion

In order to receive your credential in your program you must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00.

Program Courses

Term 1

Required Courses

BLCK121Shop Cultures: Safety and Devices


BLCK123Fabrication Techniques: Welded Forms


BLCK125Design for Fabrication and Blacksmithing


BLCK127Force, Stance, Direction: Primary Hammer Skills


BLCK129Advanced Techniques: Conceptualize and Create


BLCK131Production Processes


Term 2

Required Courses

CAST122Drawing and Design for Metal Casting


CAST124How To Cast Bronze


CAST126Exploration Of Bronze


CAST128Sculptural Modeling In Clay


Term 3

Required Courses

KSA190Self-directed Studio