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Engineering Transfer - Certificate

Program Details

Length: 1 year

Total Credits: 38

Intake Terms: Fall

Campus: Castlegar

Student Loans: This program is eligible for Student Loans - details here

Credential Received

Certificate in Engineering


Program Summary

Engineers are thinkers and builders who apply science and math to every aspect of modern life. They design and develop the products and processes that we use every day. Engineering is a solid career path leading to high-paying jobs and satisfying work.

You’ll learn how to make your mark in physical structures in our first-year Engineering Transfer (Applied Science) program. By starting your studies with us, you’ll get a strong background in math and physics and a firm foundation for your degree’s remaining three years.

Successful completion of this certificate program allows you to transfer your credits towards an engineering degree at UBC, UBC Okanagan, SFU, UVic, or the University of Alberta. Students who achieve a minimum GPA of 2.7 and complete the program in two semesters may take advantage of a guaranteed entry agreement to the UBC Okanagan Engineering degree. These students will also be considered for entry to UBC Vancouver on the same basis as UBC Vancouver students.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, learners will be able to:

  • explain terms, concepts, and theories of introductory-level science and their potential engineering application.
  • communicate professionally using discipline specific technical language.
  • read, write, and communicate effectively and creatively across technical disciplines.
  • demonstrate developing critical, creative, and problem solving thinking skills.
  • follow laboratory guidelines, processes, and protocols.
  • demonstrate developing applied research skills.
  • apply developing quantitative reasoning skills.
  • apply the scientific method and explain its relationship to applied science.
  • use current and emerging technology.
  • conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in academic and professional environments.

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

Admission to the one-year Engineering Transfer (Applied Science) program requires the completion of the following courses (or equivalents) with a minimum grade of 80% in each course unless otherwise stated:

  • Chemistry 12
  • Pre-calculus 12 or Principles of Math 12
  • Physics 12
  • English Studies 12 with a minimum of 67%

If you are interested in the program, but do not have the pre-requisites, please contact the School Chair. We will look at pathways for motivated students. This mode of entry may extend the length of your program. Completion within one year has some transfer benefits.

Additional Requirements

There are no additional requirements for this program.

Graduation and Promotion

To achieve a credential in this program you must complete all course requirements (38 credits) and achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

Program Courses

Required Courses

Term 1

APSC120Introduction To Engineering


CHEM122General Chemistry I


CPSC100Introduction To Programming I


ENGL110English Composition


MATH100Calculus I


PHYS104Fundamental Physics I


PHYS200Engineering Mechanics Statistics


Term 2

APSC100Engineering Graphic Communications


CHEM125Foundations Of Chemistry II


MATH101Calculus II


MATH221Introductory Linear Algebra


PHYS105Fundamental Physics II


Elective Courses

The following is a suggested selection of courses. Students are advised to meet with a Selkirk College counsellor to discuss course options.


one (1) 100-level Arts elective

See the UAS table of available courses.