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Plant Operator – Certificate

Program Details

Length: 6 months - 18 weeks in class, 6 week practicum

Total Credits: 23

Intake Terms: Fall

Campus: Silver King

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Credential Received

Certificate in Plant Operator


Program Summary

This 24-week program (18 weeks on-campus + 6 week practicum) prepares you for entry level positions as a plant operator. You'll gain knowledge and develop the skills required to operate, monitor and troubleshoot control equipment and processing units found in most industrial settings. You'll learn about industrial plant functionality and gain a critical understanding of plant systems, process fundamentals, and plant operations.

A person does not need any particular qualifications to become a plant operator. However, they do need to have an understanding of math and be able to pass an aptitude test, physical and medical exam at the interview stage. A person can also become a plant operator by completing an apprenticeship or taking a college course related to the skills and knowledge needed in the job. Plant operators usually work full-time, sometimes shift-work, often with benefits, for companies involved in the petroleum, agricultural and pharmaceutical industry.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, learners will be able to:

  • conduct research relevant to plant operations.
  • apply math skills as required.
  • explain terms, concepts, and processes relevant to plant operations.
  • operate plant equipment as required.
  • utilize standard industry technology.
  • demonstrate evolving problem solving skills.
  • demonstrate developing critical and creative thinking skills.
  • communicate effectively and efficiently in various formats to a variety of stakeholders, consistent with industry expectations.
  • demonstrate developing collaborative skills.
  • outline industry specific government health, safety, and environmental standards and regulations.
  • conduct themselves in a manner that meets industry expectations.

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Graduation from a British Columbia Senior Secondary School or equivalent
  • Workplace Math 11, or Selkirk ABE Math 46, with a minimum of 60% or better
  • Consideration will be given to mature individuals (19 years or older) who are not senior secondary school graduates, provided they are working to complete the recommended education:
        - Grade 10 or equivalent including English 10, Mathematics 10
        - Grade 12 preferred
  • All applicants are required to complete a computerized placement test using the College Readiness Tool (CRT) in reading, writing and mathematics once they have submitted their application.

Employers may require higher level of Math as part of their hiring policies

Additional Requirements

no additional requirements for this program

Graduation and Promotion

In order to receive your credential in your program you must maintain a minimum of 70% average.

Program Curriculum

Required Courses

PO101Introduction to Process Plant Systems


PO102Process Fundamentals


PO103Introduction to Process Plant Operations


PO104Plant Tours


PO105Work Practicum