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Multi-Process Alloy Welding - Certificate

Program Details

Length: 5 weeks

Total Credits: This program has no credits

Intake Terms: Fall, Winter, Spring

Campus: Silver King

Student Loans: This program is eligible for Student Loans - details here

Credential Received

 Multi-Process Alloy Welding will be added to the welder's existing Certificate of Qualification


Program Summary

Multi-Process Alloy Welding (MPAW) is a 5 week program that covers material similar to Welder A. Upon successful completion of the MPAW program and a further 900 hours of work-place hours Welders earn the MPAW endorsement and an MPAW Stamp will be placed in their logbook by the ITA.

Multi-Process Alloy Welding is a 5-week, post-apprenticeship, shop-based program for certified welders who wish to expand their skill sets, gain advanced certification, and enhance career opportunities. Admission is restricted to indentured IP-certified welders. Upon completion of the program, successful completion of a standardized exam, and 5,400 hours of field experience, a “Multi-Process Alloy Welding” will be affixed to the welder’s existing Certificate of Qualification.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, learners will be able to:

  • select electrodes for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW).
  • use the SMAW process on low carbon steel plate and pipe.
  • use the SMAW process on stainless steel and/or low carbon steel plate and pipe.
  • use the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process for stainless steel.
  • describe specialized welding processes.
  • describe common ferrous, non-ferrous, and reactive metals and their weldability.
  • describe die castings and their weldability.
  • interpret and apply mechanical drawings and layout components.
  • fabricate weldments.

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Graduation from a British Columbia Senior Secondary School or equivalent.
  • Welding Experience

Additional Requirements

  • Physically fit, (mobility/lifting) good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, balance, work at heights & in adverse weather.
  • Students must supply some hand tools, safety boots, leather wear and purchase module texts at a cost of approximately $600.
  • A refundable tool deposit of $100 will be required at the start of the program.

Graduation and Promotion

In order to receive your credential in your program you must maintain a minimum of 70% average.

Program Curriculum

See ITA website for program outline.