A variety of learning experiences

Steps to Opportunities, Academics, and Readiness

Program Details

Length: 1 to 4 years
Total Credits: There are no credits for this program
Term: Fall
Campus: all campuses
Cost: see fees tables
Grant Eligible: Yes - detail here

Credential Received

Certificate of Completion in Foundations: Skills for Adult Living

Certificate of Completion in Discovery: Skills for Employment

Certificate of Completion in Goals: Transitions in Adult Living

Certificate of Completion in Mastery in Entrepreneurship

Certificate of Completion in Mastery in Food Service

Certificate of Completion in Mastery in Agriculture and Sustainability

Certificate of Completion in Mastery in Retail Service

Certificate of Completion in Mastery in Applied Arts

Program Summary

Selkirk College has a diverse offerings of programs to meet the learning needs of adult students. There are many options available that lead to certification and develop transferable skills for adult living and employment. Our Mission is to nurture interdependence and independence through meaningful learning. Our programs build upon learners’ unique personal strengths, confidence, awareness and skills.

Our Teaching and Leaning Philosophy

Transitional Training programs include hands-on, experiential education designed to prepare students for success in a variety of workplace, volunteer, and community settings. Students are exposed to a blended learning platform which includes foundational Academic and life skills that are essential for developing life-long learners.

Program Outcomes

Learners participating in the Steps to Opportunities, Academics, and Readiness (SOAR) program at Selkirk College will finish their studies being able
to demonstrate the program outcomes listed below:

  • Demonstrate increased self-confidence.
  • Manage financial matters by applying principles of numeracy.
  • Use appropriate verbal, non-verbal and written skills to communicate.
  • Develop effective learning strategies and adapt them to new situations.
  • Create realistic personal, work, and educational goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Exhibit positive professional behaviours and employment related skills that maximize opportunities for success.
  • Demonstrate resilience, creativity and critical thinking in challenging situations.
  • Participate effectively as part of a team and in society.
  • Identify personal values, make decisions, and balance responsibilities to increase well-being.
  • Practice appropriate safety procedures.
  • Use current and emerging technology effectively.

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

The applicant must meet the following Steps to Opportunities, Academics, and Readiness program requirements to be considered fully-qualified:

The program does not have Academic prerequisites, however, the instructor will assess the student’s capacity to succeed in the program. All students must:

  • Participate in an intake interview with the instructor
  • Have the ability to learn and participate in a group setting
  • Have had no behavioral or emotional problems that would significantly interfere with the learning or safety of self or others
  • Have a commitment to learning
  • Have a medical condition affecting cognitive ability.

Additional Requirements

Before an applicant’s file is considered to be complete, the following must have been received by the Admissions office:

  • Completed application form
  • An interview (in person or by telephone) with the Steps to Opportunities, Academics, and Readiness instructor before entry to the program
  • At least two of the following (students must provide documentation at their own effort and expense)
  • A psychological assessment
  • A copy of an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or transcript from school
  • Documentation of disability from a physician or medical specialist
  • A referral from CLBC (Community Living B.C.)
  • A recommendation from an instructor in an Steps to Opportunities, Academics, and Readiness program at Selkirk, another college, or high school
  • A referral from a community agency

We believe in giving learners the chance to flourish in a supportive college setting. It is important we take the time to get to know a prospective student so an individual plan is developed to foster success and appropriately meet the needs of the student and programming.

Graduation and Promotion

In the Steps to Opportunities, Academics, and Readiness Program it is not necessary to obtain a level certificate to take courses in the next level. However, courses within a certificate level are sequential and must be completed in order.