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Commercial Kitchen Assistant – Certificate of Completion

Program Details

Length: total of 252 hours over 23 weeks

Total Credits: there are no credits for this program

Intake Terms: Fall

Campus: Trail

Student Loans: Grant Eligible: Yes - detail here

Credential Received

Certificate of Completion in Commercial Kitchen Assistant


Program Summary

Commercial Kitchen Assistant is a learner-centred program that helps students expand their workplace skills and readiness in a classroom setting. Further training through a flexible work practicum in commercial kitchens is provided. Learners can take advantage of this fully-funded program that will lead to in-demand entry-level restaurant jobs.

Program Outcomes

Learners participating in the Commercial Kitchen Assistant program at Selkirk College will finish their studies being able to demonstrate the program outcomes listed below:

  • Demonstrate increased self-confidence.
  • Manage financial matters by applying principles of numeracy.
  • Use appropriate verbal, non-verbal and written skills to communicate.
  • Develop effective learning strategies and adapt them to new situations.
  • Create realistic personal, work, and educational goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Exhibit positive professional behaviours and employment related skills that maximize opportunities for success.
  • Demonstrate resilience, creativity and critical thinking in challenging situations.
  • Participate effectively as part of a team and in society.
  • Identify personal values, make decisions, and balance responsibilities to increase well-being.
  • Practice appropriate safety procedures.
  • Use current and emerging technology effectively.

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

In addition to meeting the general admission requirements to Selkirk College, the applicant must meet the following Commercial Kitchen Assistant Program requirements to be considered fully-qualified:

  • Participate in an intake interview with the instructor.
  • Have the ability to learn and participate in a commercial kitchen setting.
  • Have had no behavioral or emotional problems that would significantly interfere with the learning or safety of self or others.
  • Have a commitment to learning.

Additional Requirements

Instructors will balance the needs of the classroom in regards to the following guidelines that determine capacity. For a class with maximum enrollment of 12:

  • 0 High Needs Students
  • 2-4 Moderate Needs Students (no more than 30% of total students): mild cognitive disability and higher adaptive functioning level; no support worker required; most activities and choices made independently; physically able to perform kitchen duties with moderate supervision; and established success in interactions with others with limited supervision.
  • 8-10 Low Needs Students (70% of total students or higher): no cognitive disability, although barriers to employment may be present; no support worker required; activities and choices made independently; physically able to perform kitchen duties independently; and established success in interactions with others.

Complete an application form

Participate in an interview (in person or by telephone) with the CKA instructor before entry to the program

Provide a recommendation from an instructor in the School of Academic Upgrading and Development at Selkirk College, or a referral from a community agency, another college, or high school.

Program Courses

Required Courses

CKA 20Food Safety, Sanitation and Hygiene


CKA 21Production Procedures and Equipment


CKA 22Beverages


CKA 23Preparation of Fruit and Vegetables


CKA 24Preparation of Starches


CKA 25Breakfast Cookery


CKA 26Salads And Sandwiches


CKA 27Meat Preparation and Cookery


CKA 28Soups, Stocks And Sauces


CKA 29Baked Goods And Deserts


CKA 30Practicum