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Academic Upgrading Requirements

Program Details

Length: There is no specific program length, courses run every term and certificates can be completed on any timeline

Total Credits: this program has no credits

Intake Terms: Fall, Winter, Spring

Campus: All Campuses

Cost: There is no cost for Academic Upgrading

Student Loans: Grant Eligible: Yes  - detail here

Credential Received

Within this program courses may be taken as pre-requisites for further studies, towards high school graduation, or towards the following level certificates.

BC Adult Graduation Diploma

Certificate of Completion in Adult Basic Education Fundamental Level

Certificate of Completion in Adult Basic Education Intermediate level

Certificate of Completion in Adult Basic Education Advanced Level


Program Summary

Looking to upgrade your skills? Want to get into that awesome first-year course or program? Improve subject understanding, study skills and complete prerequisite courses such as biology, chemistry, English, math and physics along with college success, computer sciences and social studies. All high school levels are available.

Our classrooms are supportive and respectful, and our instructors are committed to your success. Jump start your life with Academic Upgrading.

Program Outcomes

Learners participating in Academic Upgrading courses at Selkirk College will finish their studies being able to demonstrate a number of the program outcomes listed below:

  • Demonstrate increased self-confidence.
  • Manage financial matters by applying principles of numeracy, accounting and integration of relevant technology.
  • Use appropriate verbal, non-verbal and written skills to communicate.
  • Develop effective learning strategies and adapt them to new situations.
  • Create realistic personal, work, and educational goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Exhibit positive professional behaviour and employment related skills that maximize

Program Admission Requirements

Academic Requirements

Students applying to Academic Upgrading are not subject to the general admission requirements for Selkirk College.

  • All applicants will be interviewed by an instructor to discuss past education, current academic goals and an appropriate set of courses.
  • The College Readiness Tool is used for advising on course level placement. Students will write the CRT assessment prior to course registration to help instructors determine ideal course level placement. Program Chair or designate, in consultation with Assessment Services, will determine which subtests of the CRT will be required and the cut off scores for each subtest, in order to verify an applicant’s potential for success and program admission.

Students must be 18 years of age or over at the time of registration.

  • Notwithstanding the above, students 16 or 17 years of age may be considered for admission. Students will be assessed for admission based on referral to the program.
  • In addition, the instructor who conducted the interview in part 2 must be satisfied that the under-age student can perform in an adult learning environment. Such admission decisions will be made by the Intake Instructors under the supervision of the School Chair.

Note: It is Selkirk’s intention to work collaboratively with our local school districts to ensure an under-aged student’s needs are best met by programming in the post-secondary system.

Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements

Before an applicant’s file is considered to be complete, students must:

  • participate in an intake interview (in person or by telephone) with an instructor
  • complete a Selkirk College Application for Admission form
  • sign their completed Course Registration form
  • complete funding paperwork: forms for either an Adult Upgrading Grant, Supplementary Adult Upgrading Bursary or a funding Opt Out form, including any associated documentation required (child care subsidy form, appendices, proof of income)