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College Course Load

A normal college course load is equivalent to enrolment in 15 semester credit hours in a University Arts and Sciences program. In a career or college preparatory program, it is the enrolment in the complete curriculum specified. Students applying for a Canada Student Loan/BC Provincial Loan must maintain full-time student status as defined by the provincial student assistance program (minimum 60% course load).

Students are considered part-time if they enrol in three or fewer courses, or if their total number of semester hours or units in any semester, term or session, are fewer than those specified for full-time status.

Part-time students are encouraged to enrol in Selkirk College programs. Some programs are open only to full-time students. Check with a counsellor for details. A student who is interested in participating in a credit course but who does not wish to complete assignments, write examinations, or receive credit may enrol as an audit student provided space is available. Not all courses may be audited. Written permission to audit must be given by the instructor and School Chair.