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ENVR250 Indigenous Peoples of Canada and Environmental Management

ENVR 250: Indigenous Peoples of Canada and Environmental Management. The focus of the course is to enable students graduating in the field of natural resource management to better understand and work effectively with Indigenous peoples. Students will develop a greater awareness of Indigenous peoples and the cultural diversity that exists within this group of Canadians. The course will examine various topics related to Indigenous cultures and pre and post contact histories, including the Indian Act and the legacy of residential schools. The work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be discussed. The course examines current issues connected to land management in BC, including the treaty process, consultation activities, capacity building and protection of traditional lands and rights. The BC Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act will be reviewed. Landmark court cases that have helped define Indigenous land rights will be studied. Cultural Heritage Values are defined in the course and students will have the opportunity to review the Heritage Conservation Act as it relates to field observations and regulations.




All courses in the First Year ENVR Note: Pre-requisites(s) may be waived with the permission of the Instructor.